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Queen Mary School Wins First Place at Pot Pourri Competition

Congratulations to all the Teachers and students on another stupendous victory. Queen Marians won the Potpourri trophy.


Form 9 students host Farewell party for Form 10 students

Farewell party hosted by Form 9 students for the Form 10 on 29th January 2016. Thank you Mrs. Naina Goregaonkar, parent of Queen Marian Raashi Goregaonkar for preparing a delicious, yummy...


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Annual Athletics Meet '15

The Annual Athletics Meet '15 of QMS held at Priyadarshini Park

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Impressions Art Festival 2015 Day 3

Impressions Art Festival Day 3

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Impressions Art Festival Day 2

Impressions Art Festival Day 2 at Queen Mary School

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Impressions Art Festival Day 1

Impressions Art Festival Day 1 in Queen Mary School

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Queen Mary School Annual Sports Heats on 2nd February 2016

Queen Mary School organized Annual Sports Heats at Priyadarshini Park ahead of Annual Sports Day Event.

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ISA Activity 7 - Fear free world

Fear free world - To understand the importance of global peace, The impact of terrorism on the global economy and lives of those affected in India, Afghanistan, U.S.A. and Iraq.

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Republic Day '16 Celebrations

Republic Day Celebrations in QMS. Fantastic performances by the students of Form 1: Mrs. Nanavaty's class-choreographed with the assistance of the parents.

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Investiture Ceremony 2016

Keeping promises and making new ones:The Investiture Ceremony on 29th January 2016.

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